North Georgia Metals


Metal Trusses

A great benefit of Metal Trusses is the freedom to design trusses based on load demands or desired shapes. A truss only spanning 4' wide meets 110MPH wind loads.


Roof Trusses

Metal trusses can be designed and fabricated to meet almost any application. Light gauge trusses can achieve straight spans of up to 40' and weigh anywhere from 33% to 200% lighter than there steel or wood counterparts. There is virtually zero waste involved in the fabrication process, which means cheaper overall material cost for the end user. Light gauge trusses will not warp, rot or split. Metal trusses really are the future of truss reliant building sustems.


Floor Trusses

B&M Metals Light Gauge Floor trusses can be manufactured to meet customer specifications. With straight spans of up to 20' and full spans up to 50', we can find the right light gauge floor truss for almost any job. Light gauge steel is up to 20% stronger per foot than wood and up to 33% lighter. This means less labor and less overall cost, while still providing a strong reliable truss system. Floor trusses are pre-fabricated and delivered on site ready to install.